Saturday, June 6, 2009


Top five instruments in no particular order:

  • Trumpet
  • Bass (electric and double)
  • Hand claps
  • Violin
  • Assorted percussion bits and pieces

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Watch out, this will be a long one...

I have returned to the ever-odd world of the weblog.

Firstly, the exams are over. Elation. How lucky are the IADT-heads, we were in and out before all the other colleges, and are now well into holiday life. Minus the sun, of course. Music went pretty well, ended up answering on how to set up a successful gig/event and the differences between Italian and French opera. Arts in Context was not so good. We were supposed to answer three questions but I only did one and a half. I think I've done well enough in my assignments over the year though, hopefully it'll add up to a pass! 

Now for a rant. MANAGEMENT. Th subject I was dreading. It actually went better than I thought. It was a bit ridiculous though, I had to study from Leaving Cert notes and Wikipedia. I'm only a year into this whole 'college' thing, but I'm almost certain that is not how one is meant to learn! 

It was the last exam so we headed to Bakers for a few pints before disbanding for the summer months. Many were heading to the End of Year Ball, but I gave it a miss. There are many more nights out to come, I shall see the DL-242ers soon.

My FIRST fabulous summer event was having the pleasure of going to see Placebo in Bournemouth. I will be writing a proper review, so I won't get into too much detail here, but it was fantastic. They were on top form and the new album is going to be a stormer. I impatiently await June 8th. 

NEXT, I was treated to the well-oiled machine of a band that is Little Feat. My dad's friends were playing support so I got a text on the day saying my name was on the door. Excellent. Although having to do with out the resonating vocals of Shaun Murphy (a lady!), Little Feat put on a highly impressive show. Although it had only been eleven months since they last played here, and just six since an acoustic performance with two members, the band charged through their own hits, as well as some covers - Get Up, Stand Up (The Wailers) and Rag Mama Rag (The Band). Even with of a combined age of about 360 years, the band show no signs of slowing down. Here's hoping they make it back to Dublin again some time. 

Last night, Saturday, I went to see my dad and his band play. Returning to JJ Smyth's for the first time in a year, they played fantastically. It's great to see these six guys, with their real lives and jobs, just taking some time out to do what they love. I wonder if it'll be another year before they play again?

I have been pleading with work for more hours, but it's not looking good. I have the chance of a job that will pay four times as much, but only for the summer months. A dilemma it seems. I do love working in Topshop, but I could do with the money. (Don't make me mention the R word...) Janet and myself are hoping to move out for September, so any extra cash would be amazing. I can't deal with the two-bus ordeal for another year!

There is no baking in this post. I have been ever so busy. I did get a new cookbook though, and there's about eight recipes bookmarked already. I better get cracking : )

Oh how did I forget this? Asher Roth was on Jools Holland, and he was rather good.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pies and Placebo

A brief lull in the air before the resurgence of stress and the return of my erratic self.

Two. Weeks. "Holiday".

We're sticking with the script for the play and are having a rehearsal tomorrow. Hopefully this one won't be as derailed as previous ones. We should not be allowed to have cameras.

Two assignments and three exams until I'm free to work and take lovely trips, the first of which is being planned at 9am. Placebo in Bournemouth! Shiv and I decided there was no way we were missing this, so, assuming we get tickets, we will be off to the sea side town of Bournemouth in May to see them! 

I've got Deerhunter and Dan Deacon coming up too. This is why I'm so poor. Gig tickets. 

Fleet Foxes are on the EP bill on Very exciting news. There's another couple of hundred gone. My money needs to be far less disposable. I NEED more hours at work this summer. Eight is just not enough. 

I recently wrote an essay for Music. I got an A. There were only two As in the class and one of them was mine. Ecstatic is not even the word. Compliments flowing from this lecturer would make anyone happy. He's been exceptionally encouraging and has made me think more about writing. I'm going to do a lot more of it. Maybe I'll post it here, but I probably won't. I've got five whole months of work experience in my third year and I'm getting out of this country. I'll make coffee, I'll shred paper, I'll photocopy, ANYTHING. 

So, the edible part of my post. May I present mine and Emma's ( favourite dessert - Jam Tart! Made with French pastry (you can taste the difference!) and raspberry jam, it is perfectly accompanied with vanilla ice cream. I love this picture as it's probably the most perfect looking tart I've ever made. Tasted alright too : )

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chewy, chocolate chip cookies and college.

Sunday is usually my baking day. I get up late, read the papers and finally scour books and the Internet for something yummy to make. I'm dying to make Fondant au Chocolat but ramekins are too damn expensive. 

This week I found a recipe on for, allegedly, the best cookies ever. Mine weren't 100% as I had to substitute milk for one egg, but wow were they chewy. I can't wait to make them again properly. Instead of  generic home baking chocolate chips, I chopped up Dairy Milk, Bournville and of course Lindt into big chunks and fine shavings. Two days later they're retaining the chewy-ness and have not gone crispy as of yet. Lovely. 

On the other side of things, life in IADT seems to be ripping at the seams. The short, two scene play we're writing, producing and directing has been shot to shit by the lecturer. She fucking hates it. With 20 days to go to until the performance she can jog on if she thinks we're going to start rewriting. 
Management is a whole other story. A useless book list, no notes, scarce reference to theory, only two hours of lecture time a week. In 5 weeks I have an exam worth 50%. Hello repeats. Looking forward to the anonymous lecturer evaluation sheet. Very much so. 
Despite this, I can look forward to Music on Wednesdays. Ah,the afternoon spent discussing Mtv, punk, country, prog, metal, opera with like- and open-minded folks. 
At the moment I'm also working alongside a first year in Visual Arts Practice. I'm writing his introduction/semi review for the 1st year exhibition. That's been quite enjoyable. I'll probably post a link to the final piece. 

I need a fucking hair cut. 

Mac Hello Kitty SUCKS

Tea with Jan was excellent today. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Blog. For Cake.

Hmm, a blog. This is new.

I do so much cooking and baking at home, for myself and others. If I love what I've made, I'll take a picture. But what does one do with this catalogue? 

A-ha! Weblog. Blog.

So, pictures will appear, accompanied by ridiculous rants, negative nagging and potential pouring.

Here's a start. Simple cupcakes. The makings of a perfect tea party.